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We can help you find a job in the Scottish Borders

Are you looking for a temporary or permanent job in the Scottish Borders? At Reiver Recruitment Ltd, we help candidates to find a job that suits them. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Temporary: how it works

Temping offers many benefits, which include flexibility, provisional assessment, networking opportunities and development of skills. Our job is to find you the most suitable and best paid temporary work available for as long a term as possible. Contracts can vary from a day to a year and are often given at short notice. Some temporary jobs can lead to permanent positions. Some of the main benefits of temping:
  • Provisional assessment
Temping is a great way of trying out various companies and different working environments. This can be extremely useful if you are new to the area or have not yet identified your chosen career path.
  • Flexibility
Temping allows you the flexibility to work when you want. You work to suit your own personal commitments. If you decide you only want to work part-time one week but full-time the following week – just let us know. Just advise us as to when you are available and we will do our best to assist you.
  • Expand your skills
Temping is a great way to expand your skills and software knowledge. Each assignment that you go on will add another string to your bow. In each workplace you will be doing something that can only enhance your skills and, in turn, your CV. 
  • Networking
Temping is also a great way to meet new people.
  • Holiday pay
Temporary workers are entitled to holiday pay, due to the introduction of the European legislation, the Working Time Directive. From the day you start working for us, you start accruing holiday pay.
Contract for services

Permanent: how it works

At Reiver Recruitment Ltd, we understand that looking for a new job can be both time consuming and demanding. If you are thinking of applying for a position directly, then you have to spend time thoroughly researching the company to identify if their dynamics fit your criteria. 

We meet with each client prior to working on any vacancies for them. So we can let you know not only about the job specification but also the working environment and future development plans of the client. This minimises the time you spend applying for positions that may not actually be right for you.

Three simple steps to register

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Contact us

Give us a call, email or pop in to make an appointment with a consultant. We will issue you with a Registration Confirmation which will detail everything you need to bring with you.
candidate being interviewed


On arrival at the office, your documentation will be verified and you will meet your recruitment consultant. They will review your CV and interview you to assess your job requirements.
taking an assessment


After the interview, you may be asked to complete an IT assessment which will include Microsoft Word and Excel in the first instance. This is to determine your current IT knowledge and level of skill.
After the registration process has been completed and your references obtained, we will present you as a potential candidate to our clients and will contact you as soon as any potential vacancy comes in.

You can rest assured that your relationship with us will be strictly confidential. We will present opportunities to you and review details of the position prior to presenting your CV. We will not present your CV to any client without your prior knowledge and consent.
Call Reiver Recruitment Ltd on 01750 505 015 or 01289 331 550 for a suitable job for you in the Scottish Borders
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